A banker today is under enormous pressure from its many domestic counterpaties and stakeholders.

Whether it is

  • retail customers, who demand realtime transaction processing and seamless, rich experience across the bank’s products;
  • corporate treasurers, who wish to better manage their liquidity across banking relationships, and also require agile services to meet their evolving business needs;
  • counter-party banks, who need accurate and trusted information to honour their obligations;
  • market infrastructures, such as payments systems, whose standards and interfaces evolve independent of one another; or
  • regulators, that require the bank to function with safety and security, and report its compliance to changing regulations in a timely manner.

To meet these expectations, a banker today invests a great deal of time and money to speak with his community across a variety of different languages and channels. As much as 10+ crore rupees annually!

This is not only costly in rupee-terms, and provides no competitive advantage, but is distracting him from serving his clients better.

The SWIFT India messaging platform is the foundation on which the Indian financial community comes together.

On which the community speaks with one another with confidence, in a reliable, secure and efficient manner, allowing you to focus on what is most important – your customers.

Reuse your SWIFT connectivity

With SWIFT India, you can reuse your SWIFT connectivity to speak to all your domestic counterparties.


You can 

  • exchange a variety of of types of instructions, whether they are individual or batched;
  • transfer large files of structured and unstructured information such as thousands of low value payment instructions or images of supporting documents;
  • guarantee the delivery of your instructions, and receive confirmation of delivery;
  • retrieve instructions from SWIFT India for up to 124 days, if for example either the sender or receive lose the original instructions;
  • validate the structure and integrity of a instructions before they are delivered to eliminate expensive mistakes; and
  • rely on SWIFT India to confirm the authenticity and integrity of an instruction in a case of dispute.

And all this is supported across a variety of market segments, instruments and asset classes, including paymentscash managementtrade financetreasury and securities.

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